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Science Secure Journals are a bouquet of Open access, peer reviewed online journals published by Science Secure Journals. These are being published as an activity of the nonprofit organization “VJSS” with a vision to provide a platform for the spread of significant and meaningful research results in various areas of science from across the global scientific community. We have ventured to publish these to promote scientific research and academic enhancement in different disciplines of science, particularly in developing countries. The Journals published by SSJ have quality content due to its stringent review policy and are accessible for free to mankind.

Peer reviewed publications have been an important source of authentic scientific information to researchers as well as others interested in unbiased facts due to the methodology of thoughtful & independent inputs from a group of experts with blind identity before the final decision of editor to eliminate any anomalies in the dissemination of scientific information. This process has been recognized as the most appropriate for independent review of R&D results.