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ISSN: 2319-9083

Science Secure Journal of Biotechnology (SSJBt) is an Open access, peer reviewed online journal published by Science Secure Journals. It is being published with a vision to provide a platform for the spread of significant and meaningful research resultson Basic and Applied aspects of Biotechnology from the across the global scientific community. The Journals published by SSJ have quality content due to its stringent review policy and are accessible for free to mankind.



The Vision of the Science Secure Journal of Biotechnology (SSJBt) is to have a world class periodical covering Global developments in all aspects of Biotechnology which should be accessible to the researchers as well as all others concerned with Biotechnology.


The Mission of the Science Secure Journal of Biotechnology (SSJBt) is to encourage research and spreading scientific information about following aspects of Basic and Applied Biotechnology.

  1. Agriculture and Food Biotechnology

  2. Application of Biochemistry

  3. Basics of Biotechnology & Fundamental developments

  4. Bioinformatics (Genomics, proteomics and Pharmacogenomics etc.)

  5. Genetic Engineering & Gene Manipulation

  6. Industrial Biotechnology

  7. Medical Biotechnology

  8. Metabolic/Biochemical /Bioprocess Engineering

Science Secure Journals publish original Research Papers, Short Communications and Reviews, besides Book Reviews and contemporary developments in the field.

Coverage in the Journal

Research Paper: Original research contributions describing novel or innovative findings, with detailed experimental methods,and research results. The length of a Research Paper should normally not be more than 10 printed pages (30 manuscript pages).

Short Communication: A Short Communication is apt for quick publication of preliminary research results in brief. Author(s) may also communicate new methods or hypotheses. If required, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion may be explained in the text, in the legends of figures or annotated tables.The lengthof Short communications would be about 2 to 4 printed pages (6 to 12 manuscript pages).

Review: The review articles are invited on the status of developments and current scientific scenario in a particular area. The length of review articles would normally be about 10 to 12 printed pages (30 to 40 manuscript pages).

Book Reviews: Experts in the field shall be requested to review recent publications in the subject for publication. The reviews shall not only provide a broad coverage of the publication but also provide critical analysis and insights into the contemporary developments in the area. A Book Review shall normally be about 2 to 4 printed pages (6 to 12 manuscript pages).

News & Views: This section shall cover recent developments in the field including a coverages of Global policies, Regulatory aspects and recent developments in the industry and social aspects of the subject. This will normally also cover 2-4 pages.

Note: Longer manuscripts may be accepted on the request of corresponding author.